20 Things you must know before starting Dog Business

20 Things you must know before starting Dog Business

20 Things you must know before starting Dog Business

The idea of breeding dog is a good one , yes, everybody want to make money but you need to know some things before starting so you will not run out of the business.

You just don’t wake up a day start breeding dog without full knowledge of it. I call this article ABC of breeding dog. You need to know the following things before you start:

1. Are you a dog lover?: many people run to dog business because of the money, yes, there is money there but can you endure the stress? You need to have passion for dog to be a successful dog breeder.

2. Do you have time? : is like am asking too much questions, I only want you to know that you need enough time to be a dog breeder. A dog breeder is different from a dog owner who will leave the dog at home for other things. Make sure you have time to care for those dogs before you start.

3. Keep you capital: dog business requires money, make sure you have sufficient money for health, feeding and dog accessories.

4. Prepare your business plan: [/b]you can’t just into a business without preparing, draw your plan like a professional, it will help you to reduce cost, meet your goal and create avenue for good business strategy.

Your business plan should go like this:

· [b]Title page: your business name.

· Business description: describe how you want your business.

· Business plane guide: this are guides you will follow.

· Financial factors: this includes all means where capital can be gained.

· Design and development: you need strategies that will help your business more effective.

· Marketing Strategy:

· Competition Analysis

· Operational and Management plan.

5. Choose your Dog type: we have different types of breeds for specially purpose. Know if you will be breeding Guard dogs, Walking Dogs, Toy dogs etc.

The following are breeds you will like to breed:

· Security Dogs: Doberman Pinsher, Chowchow, Rottweiler , German Shepherd, etc

· Working Dogs: Great Dane , Boxer, Bull Terrier etc

· Toy Dogs: Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Papillon etc

6. Find a good Vet: you need a good vet for the dog health.

7. Start with one Dog: I know you want to make money, but you need to start with a single dog first, you need to gain knowledge before breeding large.

8. Buy pure breed: this is the business you want to invest in, buy pure breed,make sure you see the dam and sire before collecting your puppy and be ready to pay the price.

9. Vaccinate your Dog: you can’t invest on your dog and see the dog die, to avoid that you need to give important vaccines.

Below are important vaccines:

· Canine Distemper (DV): it is a contagious disease easily be transmitted from on animal to another.

· Parvovirus (CPV2): an extremely contagious disease that affect dog’s gastro-intestinal tracts.

· Adenovirus (CAV-2): It can leads to eye damage, liver problem and breathing problem.

· Rabies: it affects nervous system, and can be contacted when bitten by infected an animal.

10. Buy good Cage and dog accessories: [/b]your dog needs good and strong housing. Buy accessories like chain, serving plate and drinking trough.

11. [b]Feed your Dog well: you need to give your dog balanced diet, feed the dog well. You don’t have to be stingy feeding your dog, you gain more if you invest.

We have different kind of dog food:

ü Homemade Feed: this is the kind of food you can male in your kitchen, make sure the food is balance. Include food like carrot, green beans, egg, meat and your carbohydrate foods not neglecting your fats.

ü Dry Feed: this are formulated feeds that can be used to complement homemade food.

ü Pallet feed : feed like Arion, Bingo etc

ü Canned Feed: they are inside can

You can prepare dry food with the following tips:

· Carbohydrate: grinded indomie, grinded maize and grinded wheat.

· Protein: dry fish, dry meat. Oyster, groundnut cake etcs

· Fat and oil

· [b] Salt.

Make sure you calculate based on percentage, carbohydrate may take 50%, protein 20-25% for adult and 25-28% for puppy.

12. Know when your Dog is on heat: this can be noticed by discharge of blood from oval, swollen or red color oval etc

13. Mate with a pure Sire: you need to check good stud service center for good and pure breed. Make sure the appearance like body weight, color, size etc meet your taste.

14. Meet other breeders: you need to meet other breeders in your environment, discuss with them, discuss issues like health, sales etc.

15. Train your Dog: you need to train your dog. We have different training skills.

· Obedience training

· Guard training

· Show training.

16. Take care of your pregnant Dog and the Puppies: during pregnancy, feed your dogs very well to avoid loss of weight and to get good puppies. After delivery, make sure your puppies suck their mother’s milk especially the colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk that gushes out of a dam udder, the milk is brownish and contains immune enzymes that act as antibodies for your puppies.

17. Make your sale: the essence of everything us to make profit, sale your dog. We have people that sell dogs, give them for cheaper price in a way to make their profit. We have sites where you can sell your dogs.

Below are business you can do, even if you have no dog but love dogs:

1. Pet siting business: people drop their dogs for a pay.

2. Dog training: learn training skills, tell people and make your cash.

3. Dog finding business: create time help people find their dogs.

4. Dog grooming

5. Dog Walking

6. Dog bathing

7. Dog food retailing and dog accessories business.

8. Dog blogging.

9. Dog show organizing

10. Dog Sport

Let me stop here stay bless…