how to prepare nigerian scent leaf soup

Nigerian black soup, also known as Efirin soup, Scent leaf soup, or Eweluje is an incredibly delicious soup, traditionally eaten with fufu dishes. One taste of this African soup and you will be hooked!

Nigerian soup - eweluje soup

I had never tasted black soup when growing up in Nigeria but my husband grew up eating it. In his hometown, this soup is known as Eweluje soup. The first time I tasted this African soup, I was floored!

This soup has an amazing texture and flavor that reminds me of Banga soup. I used to bug my husband endlessly to make it every week until I eventually learned to make it myself!

What Is Scent Leaf?

Scent leaf (Ocimum gratissimum) is a type of basil leaf grown in Africa, South Asia, Mexico, Hawaii, and many other countries. It goes by many names, including African basiltree basilclove basil, and wild basil.

Scent leaf is called Efirin by the Yorubas, Nchuanwu by the Igbos and Daidoya by the Hausas. It is enjoyed by many tribes in Nigeria and used to make different nutrition-packed soups that are eaten with fufu.

Scent leaf has a lot of nutritional benefits and is commonly used to treat constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, and to improve gut health.

how to make scent leaves soup

Where Can I Get Scent Leaf From?

If you live in Nigeria, scent leaf is quite popular and you can get it from most market places. But if you live outside Nigeria, it is quite tricky to get.

For the longest time, I would have to wait till someone was visiting from Nigeria so they could bring some to the U.S. But that meant I would go months without eating my beloved soup.